Markus Myrie Jr. lamenta pelas ofensas ao pai!

Depois de uma discussão familiar que, alegamente se desenvolveu em violência e obrigou à presença da polícia, Markus Myrie Jr, utilizou de novo, as redes sociais para deixar os seus pensamentos sobre o acontecimento: ‘I am a man. One who refuses to carry the burdens of the past into a future that will see me with children. For their sake I will break the generational curse. My only regret is that I allowed myself to get so blinded by anger that I said things about my father and to the public that I shouldn’t have said  but let he without sin cast the first stone. I have no hatred in my heart for my father‘.

Apesar de se desculpar pela situação, Markus explica a ausência do pai e implora que o mesmo mude essa situação: ‘My only disappointment is the undelivered expectation of a father who refuses to see fatherhood as more than just a title and financial support. Your absence has nothing to do with prison and you know that. Still, I forgive you regardless. I hope one day you decide to be a better father, don’t do it for me; do it for my siblings who are suffering (emotionally).

When you love people you tell them the truth regardless of repercussions for example this ridiculous altercation. Many of you may think you know the situation but remember that you weren’t there and he’s my father not yours. I ask you all to please keep the family in your prayers as I will. I love you @bujuofficial. #Myrie #Family.”

Como os relatórios médicos ainda não foram entregues para que se possa avançar com a queixa na polícia, estes comentários levam a crer que foi um incidente único e já ultrapassado.